Consistency Always Win!

Be consistent!

That is the key to success!

I made a commitment to do exercise every morning for at least 10 minutes.




No matter how tired I am.

No matter how much I dread it.

I make sure I am exercising every morning.

Even just for 10 minutes.

It makes such a huge difference.

To start off this week, I challenge to pick one thing you will do every day for at least 10 minutes.

Share your goal below and let’s hold each other accountable.

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Lessons We Can All Learn from Dr. Seuss

In case, you didn’t know, March 2nd is the day we celebrate Dr. Seuss and his wonderful children’s books. My boys are still young enough where the enjoyment from reading these stories is still strong and proud.

My youngest son is in Preschool and they had Dr. Seuss themed activities this past week. Each day they read a different Dr. Seuss story. When I looked at the list, I noticed many of these lessons work in our adult and professional lives as well.

Monday: One Fish Two Fish

This story has many silly rhymes in it which makes it a perfect Dr. Seuss book. My favorite part of the book is the end where Dr. Seuss writes “funny things are everywhere.” Those words are a great reminder to experience life. Take time to laugh and play each day. You are sure to find something funny to laugh it. 

Tuesday: The Cat in the Hat

One of his most popular books that eventually was turned into a Mike Meyers movie. The big lesson in this book for me is to embrace the unexpected. When things do not go as planned, the best thing to do is refocus and move forward. It may lead to a result that you never would have come to.

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday

This is one I must admit I was not familiar with until I read it this week. For me, I connected with the little girl’s frustration of seeing all these wacky things happening and no one believing her. It reminded me to always stick to my guns when I see something that is off. Your own opinion is valid and you should express despite what anyone else thinks or says.

Thursday: Green Eggs and Ham

My personal favorite! This book has so many memories come from this book. Of course, the biggest lesson of this book is the old saying “don’t knock it till you try it.” Definitely a line I use with my boys for trying new foods. You never know if something is going work or if it will taste good. You may be successful, or you may fail. But at least you tried.

Friday: Fox in Socks

My preschooler loves this book for all its “silly words.” This is a tongue twister book and I think one of the hardest ones to read. But the morale of the story is to always be listening to what the other person is trying to tell you. The Fox never listened to what Mr. Knox actually wanted to do or talk about it. Listening to audience is so important when speaking or even just in everyday conversations. 

Bonus Book: Oh the Places You’ll Go

Surprisingly this book was not on the list at Preschool. However, one of my colleagues on LinkedIn mentioned it was her favorite book. For me, the message in this book sums up everything I shared with you.

Seek new opportunities. Keep an open mind. Try new things. Life is such a wonderful adventure. Enjoy the ride!

I encourage to take the time to a read Dr. Seuss book in honor of the man himself this month. It can be your favorite or one you never read before.

I’d love if you share with me what lesson you learned from reading it now as an adult.

I cannot wait to hear what Dr. Seuss words inspire and change in you.

Have a fantastic day!

Encourage Kids at Any Age to Read

What better way to spend your time with schools closed than with a book?

I am blessed that I was born into family that loved to read. But I was not always the most avid reader as a child. My mother is a librarian and teaches at local middle school back home. She would joke with her friends that the librarian mother has children that hate to read.

As grew older, I find reading a great escape from the hectic word. And a wonderful opportunity to continue to learn and grow as a professional and a human being.

Because of my “late” start to reading, I thought about how I would do and what I am doing with my own boys to teach a love of reading. Here are some basic tips to get started:


I can guarantee that your baby will be more interested in eating the book than hearing you read it. THAT IS OK! I remember feeling frustrated that I couldn’t get through one page of Hungry Caterpillar with my oldest. This is what babies do. They are exploring the world. They have no clue what a book is. However, the more you commit to your story time (no matter what that looks like), your child will become used to seeing and hearing books. Hopefully this will create an interest that will grow as he or she gets older.


This is one of my favorite ages for children’s books. The books are always colorful and always use creative ways to teach the basics (ABCs, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, etc.) One of my youngest favorites right now is a counting to ten book that uses objects and animals common in Arizona. As you count up to 10, each page depicts in great color and detail a common Arizona theme (canyons, prickly pears, cactus, etc.) I find these books are great ways to not only develop a reading habit in your child but also include yourself in the learning process outside of daycare and preschool.

School Age: 

At this point, reading may become part of your child’s normal homework routine. It is easy for reading to move from fun to not so fun when it becomes a requirement. My suggestion is to find ways to still make it fun. If you already have a tradition around reading, keep that up as much as possible. We still read as a family every time before the boys go to bed. Also, invest in bookmarks. Once you child hits chapter books, you are going to want to buy some bookmarks. Barnes & Nobles are great variety for good price (Added bonus I know a librarian so we are never out of stock.)


The most fun age of children right?! OK maybe not. My boys are not that old yet. But I remember how frustrating it was dealing with my younger sisters at home. Older parent friends of mine joke they are happy when their kids say hello to them in the morning. So let’s try this! Ask them what their favorite fairy tale story is. Then have them read the original version. My mine is Little Mermaid and I will tell you the full version is not as happy as the Disney movie. Connecting with something from childhood may spark an interest in reading or at the very least, create some good meal conversations.

Adult children:

Yes, these still count. I always be my Mother oldest baby. This is the age where I found my way back to reading. Whether adult child is reading or not, here is a great way to get them interested, at least in reading with you. Share a book with them that you are reading. For me, I was reading “Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper” and texted my youngest sister the plot line (a widowed man travels to India to learn more about his wife prior to their marriage.) She fell in love with the plot line and look books just like it. Sometimes it just takes a little nudge to get the reading juices flowing.

Wishing you all the best and upcoming fantastic reading adventures with your kids!

Keep Everyone Busy

With everyone moving to remote work, how can you keep those who can’t work from home busy and working?

Here are 3 ways you can keep work flowing and set yourself apart from your competitors when the dust settles.

1) Set up twinning

This is when your office phone rings a person’s cell phone directly instead going to your company’s voicemail, presuming your office is currently closed. Not only will you keep front desk staff busy, but you ensure you will not miss out on important client leads or questions.

2) Start cross-training

Pick one or two employees and teach them how to do a routine task that is normally done by only one person or by a manager. Once learned, you will multiple people available to complete the task and instead focus on your special projects and day-to-day changes in your work space.

3) Invest in professional development

Encourage your employees to take this time out of the regular routine to work on a skill that needs improvement or become more efficient in an area they excel in. Even better, encourage them to learn new skills that will help them advance in your company.

I’d love your feedback on these suggestions. Share what you are doing to stay ahead of the game during this time.