About Me FAQ

5 Questions & Answers to learn more about me and what I can do for you.

  • Who Am I?

Hello there, in case you have no clue who I am, my name is Tara.  I am professional woman and a proud mother of two amazing boys.  I want to share you with my journey of being a working mom.

When I first became a mom, I was working for myself in a law firm.  For the first year, I was able to bring my infant son to my office and take client calls and meetings as he slept or played in his Pack N Play.  I even landed a new estate planning client based on the fact my son was sleeping in my office during my consultation.

Unfortunately, the firm started to make less and less money and eventually closed.  Before closing, I am worked many part-time jobs to help keep my family afloat.

It was in those times that I learned some of the real challenges facing working moms.  When can I schedule a pump break?  Do you have enough PTO to attend his Well Child visits?

The struggle became even more clear when I interviewed for jobs while pregnant with my second child.  A hiring manager and I got into a heated debate about where was an appropriate place to pump.  The manager even suggested I could pump in the bathroom because it had an outlet.  I knew this was not the place for me.

Many moments like that gave me the passion to make work for moms better and less stressful.  It led me to getting involved in the benefits insurance industry.  I believed that a better benefit package that worked for moms instead of against them would create better cultures for these moms.

I soon realized that even the most robust benefit packages did not eliminate the hard-nose stigmas that still exist for working moms in many corporate cultures.  The idea that working moms take more time off, are more distracted at work, or they rarely ever the make their job the number one priority, etc.

That is why I made the decision to focus on helping moms make their “work” work for them.  I want every mom to advocate for herself in her job.  I want every mom to work in an environment where she is supported.  I want every mom to spend precious moments with her family and friends.  I want every mom to take time out of their day to just do something for her. And, most importantly, I want every mom to know she is a human being and worthy of love.

My goal for you is to begin a journey to find your balance between your work life and your personal life.  And everyone’s path on this journey will be different.  But I hope that we can make this journey together.  At the end, you will have found the calm from the storm that you are searching for.

Your next step to balance starts here. 


  • What do I do?

My passion is to help working moms create their own work-life balance.  This is going to be different for everyone.  But the goal is the same.

I want you to think of a see-saw. 

When in motion, a seesaw is always leaning more in one direction or another.  This happens for working moms all the time.  One moment you are focused more on work stuff.  And another moment you are focused on your kids.

That alone is OK.  Even normal.  There are always times in our lives where we lean heavily in one area at the determinant of another.

However, what gets mom stuck is she doesn’t know how to come down.

She is weighted so far down on one side that the see-saw is unbalanced and ultimately becomes stuck.

What I do is help bring the mom’s see-saw back to level ground.  I help you develop your own strategy to un-stuck your seesaw when things get too chaotic. 

Like I said, it is OK to be unbalanced sometimes.  Life happens.  I get it.

But when are you are able to come down to neutral and be balanced, then you can become confident that you can handle any challenge.  Because you know where your level set is and how to get back there.

So, let me help you find that balance, level out your seesaw.  So you can go from chaos to calm and live the life you want for you and your family. 

  • Why do I do it?

I believe the job of a working mom is an undervalued position in our society.  For many years, it is demonized in the corporate world.  To the point that HR managers were escorting moms to their cars to check for car seats.

I do the work that I do to prevent something like that from ever happening to a mom again.  There are so many amazing qualities that a mom brings to an organization and to a home.

I want to continue to support every working mom on their journey as they navigate work and life.  I believe that by creating a balance between the two and coming back to neutral is one of the best ways for moms to feel successful in both worlds.

  • How does it benefit you?

When you work with me, you will have the support you need when times are tough.  To help move you from a chaotic lifestyle to one of calmness and peace.  You will have the tools you need to create a better work environment for yourself.  To never feel like you have to pick between your family or your job.  You will know when you need time for yourself and you will take it.  Heck, maybe even have your house cleaned and organized just like you always dreamed, (again maybe?)  The point is this: You can be a mom and a professional woman.  And be awesome at both.  Let’s go on this journey together to make it happen.    

  • Why hire me?

I always put my clients’ needs and concerns first in our business relationship.  The journey is not about me, it is about me.  My goal is to be your guide and help get to your place of balance.  This is the same goal I have for every mom I work with.  Whether we engage in conversations for months, weeks, or only an hour. My mission for you is for you to no longer feel like your life is a chaotic mess that you have no control of.  When our work together is done, I want to you to know that you can be a mom and business woman.  And you be an AMAZING at both.

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