My Business Story Part 2

This month, I continue sharing my business story with you. I want to take you back to when I first working as a mom. I didn’t know it then, but my journey to finding my true purpose started when I working my first business: a law firm. As always, feel free to read my FAQ to learn about me and my business.

My first full career was an attorney. There were moments throughout my life, especially in high school, where my obsession with what words really mean or what I can make them to mean was fascinating to me. There was even a moment in high school where I avoided detention based on simply reading the Student Handbook and using it my advantage. It was this skill alone that served me well in my attorney years. I was able to read contracts and analyze the language to benefit what my clients ultimately wanted.

When I first became a mom, I didn’t think it would change that much of my work-life balance. For the first year, I was able to bring my infant son to my office and take client calls and meetings as he slept or played in his Pack N Play.  I even landed a new client based on the fact my son was sleeping in my office during my consultation.

I also was able to set my own schedule around feedings, naps, client meetings, and networking events. At that point, I thought this transition was nothing to be concerned with. Unfortunately, the firm started to make less and less money and eventually closed.  Before closing, I worked many part-time jobs to help keep my family afloat.

It was in those times that I learned some of the real challenges facing working moms. 

When can I schedule a pump break?  Do you have enough PTO to attend his Well Child visit? What if I have to leave early? Am I making enough to afford full time child care?

The struggle became even more clear when I interviewed for jobs while pregnant with my second child.  A hiring manager and I got into a heated debate about where was an appropriate place to pump.  The manager even suggested I could pump in the bathroom because it had an outlet.  I knew this was not the place for me.

It became clear that being an attorney was not what I wanted to do full time anymore. Sure I had the skill and the knowledge to do so. But I no longer had the drive. When you have drive, you want to do and be better at your chosen craft. You want to be the best. And that point in my life, an overworked mom with two kids, I no longer wanted to be the best attorney.

I decided to pivot in look for industries where I could use the foundation that I had and at the same time, really help working moms thrive in the corporate world. This led me to getting involved in the benefits insurance industry.  I believed that a better benefit package that worked for moms instead of against them would create better cultures for these moms.

I soon realized that even the most robust benefit packages did not eliminate the hard-nose stigmas that still exist for working moms in many corporate cultures.  The idea that working moms take more time off, are more distracted at work, or they rarely ever the make their job the number one priority, etc.

That is why I made the decision to focus on helping moms make their “work” work for them.  I want every mom to advocate for herself in her job.  I want every mom to work in an environment where she is supported.  I want every mom to spend precious moments with her family and friends.  I want every mom to take time out of their day to just do something for her. And, most importantly, I want every mom to know she is a human being and worthy of love.

I hope you are enjoying learning about my business story/journey. If you are a working mom or know of a mom that could use a little extra support, please have them to reach out. You can always join my free Facebook group. We are growing an amazing group of Moms there.

Be well and Have an amazing day!

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