Number 1 Reason You Will Have an Awesome Halloween

COVID Halloween Costume
COVID Halloween Costume

It is clear that Halloween is going to be different this year. Just like with everything, COVID is changing the way we behave and act. And even celebrate our most favorite parts of the year.

For parents and kids, Halloween is one of those great Fall holidays you mark on your calendars. From the costumes to the pumpkins to of course, the piles of candy your kids will consume over the course of a week or more.

All of that is up in the air!

Despite so much uncertainty, I can promise you will have an AWESOME Halloween!

Why do I say that?

What is the Number 1 reason why this Halloween is still going to be AWESOME?

Because YOU still have the power to celebrate this special Holiday!

COVID has not changed the fact that October 31st will come.

The stores are still selling costumes and candy. Pumpkin patches are still being crowded with visitors. Plus this year it is on a Saturday! That gives you a whole day to plan a fantastic celebration! so you have plenty of time to celebrate.

Still not sure how to celebrate? Here are 2 quick ideas:

1. Candy Hunt

Think of it like an Easter Egg hunt but Halloween style. I see this idea floating around all over Pinterest and I absolutely love it. Take the trick or treat bags of candy from the store and hide them around your house. Little kids will love this idea! The best part of Halloween is always the candy! Why not make them work for it a little bit this year! You can even buy black and orange plastic eggs if you really want that Egg Hunt feel.

2. Costume Fashion Show

Around where I am, Halloween costumes are cheap! Trick or treating is hold on in most places, but inventory is high! Use this to your advantage and buy more than one. Then make it a fun event. Have your kids model their costumes. You can even make it virtual with your kids friends. Let everyone vote on who had the best costumes. Personally, I think this is a great idea for those of you who have kids that can never decide on which character to be for Halloween!

I would also highly suggest checking out Cutfetti on Pinterest for more “no contact” trick or treating ideas.

No matter what you end up doing this year, remember to always focus on family! Even without costumes or candy, the time you spend with family and friends is always what matters the most!

So I hope this gave you some inspiration and brighten up your day! I would love to hear your thoughts on Halloween and what plans you have to celebrate this year.

Stay Safe and Happy Halloween!

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