Self Care on the Outside

Many of us forget about Self Care. I coach a lot of my moms on developing better self-care. Being a mom, especially a working mom, sometimes leads to putting yourself last. My goal with a new mom is always to start small and find little moments throughout the day to spend on herself.

But today, I want to talk about a different type of self-care.

Let’s focus on the outside.

Now, I am not saying that the appearance is everything. Or that moms should dress to the nines every day when they have messy toddlers at home.

What I am saying that there is something to the fact that the way you dress can impact how you feel.

Just look at the mom in the picture here. I found this on Pinterest the other day. Just look at that mom’s smile. She is spending time with her kid. But also looking and feeling good at the same time. Check out the pin here.

The way you dress or present yourself can have just as much of an impact on your mindset as anything else.

Let me share a story,

A few weeks ago, I went to hang out with some girl friends. That particular evening, I was pretty exhausted. I changed out my leggings I had worn that day and threw on another pair of leggings and a graphic tee. Didn’t think twice about it.

When I got the cafe, I noticed that one of my friends had a nice jacket on. It was a little breezy, but not bad for a summer evening. As I got closer, I noticed how nicely she was dressed. Beside the jacket, she was wearing nice fitting jeans and a colorful blouse.

But what I noticed more was her smile.

She was enjoying herself so much more than the rest of us. And even mentioned how much she loved her jacket for nights like this.

That brief encounter got me thinking.

Can the way you dress affect your outlook or your mindset?

I decided to do it the next day. Instead of wearing leggings and a shirt, I wore a business dress I would normally wear at the office.

The difference was HUGE!

Not only was I WAY more productive working from home, I felt more confident.

I made more calls. I reached out to more connections.

I even convinced myself I would FINALLY potty train my 4 year old (maybe not but you get the point!)

I was not totally surprised at how the way I dressed changed my entire outcome of my day. Come to find out that there is actually research into the psychology of dress. There is evidence out there that the way you dress can impact your productivity and success in your work.

My one experience convinced me!

What about you? Do you notice a change in your outlook or mindset depending on how you dress?

Let me know in the comments.

Also, if you want to learn some easy ways to upgrade your dress while working from home, then join my Benefits Mom Mastermind group on Facebook. You will be joining an amazing group of moms that are here to support each other.

Have an awesome day everyone!

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