Progress not Perfection: The 1 Simple Mindset trick to set you up for a successful work week

Talking about your mindset is a very popular coaching topic these days. Just search Google and you will find over 157 million results. Many business professionals believe that if they just changed their mindset, successful will follow.

That is both true and false.

Yes, I am a firm believer that we all need to be working in the right mindset to be successful. We need to stop negative talk and believe in our ability to achieve the success that we want. However, as we everything, it takes time and practice to master any new skill.

So how does one start developing the right mindset to be successful?

Let’s talk a look at this past weekend. Let’s say you are one of those people that did a lot of indulging in the holiday weekend. You spent more time with your family than on work. You pushed back other projects to this week in order to enjoy a 3 day instead of 2 day weekend. Check out last week’s blog to see what food swaps I used to replace some of the 4th of July food staples.

Now, it is Monday morning! You feel tired, unmotivated, and perhaps even bloated. Even worse, you start the negative talk. Why did I eat/drink so much? Why didn’t get that project done last week? I am so stupid. I am so lazy.

And on and on it goes. Sometimes it is amazing how any of us get stuff done when we start our mornings with this negative talk.

My advice: Don’t beat yourself up! No one should be reaching for perfection. If it is not about how you fall off the bike, but more about how you get back on.

You can get back on the bike using this 1 simple mindset trick:

Commit to being 1% better today.

When you use this trick to change your mindset, your entire perspective and outlook on the upcoming week dramatically changes. Reaching your goals and finishing lagging projects will not feel as daunting. All you have to do is be a 1% better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

Let’s use an example: If you are one of those that indulged too much food and drinks this weekend, you can easily become 1% better than you were yesterday. If you had 4 beers during the holiday, then commit to only have 1 beer or 2 tonight at dinner. That’s even more than 1% better but you see the point. It’s all about attacking one aspect of your life and doing just a little bit better than you were yesterday.

Let me use a personal example. I have a goal to do 100 push ups. When I started, I could do ZERO. But I commit to doing just 1 more push up each day than I did the previous day. If I do 5 push ups on Monday, then the goal on Tuesday is 6 push ups.

Simple Mindset trick: 1% better than you were yesterday

That is the idea! You get better, you achieve your goals in small steps. Remember: Progress over Perfection. Success is a long-term journey. You will not get there in one day. Plus you will not fall completely off track in one day.

Forget about what you did or did not do this weekend. Start this new week off fresh and commit to doing at least one thing, maybe two things, 1% better today.

What one thing are you going to do 1% better today? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear and follow how you are becoming 1% better each and every day. If you want more one-on-one help to changing your mindset, let’s chat.

Have an amazing Monday!

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