Monday Motivation: Don’t Let Others Define You

Here is my Monday Motivation for the day: Don’t let your inability to potty train your four year old define you as a mom.

You are probably thinking, what is she talking about?

Since COVID started, I thought this was a great time to really encourage my 4 year old son to fully potty train. If I was successful, it could most likely go to summer camp with his brother.

And I would have two boys out of the house for at least a few weeks.


He is being a bit stubborn.

I had a moment over the weekend, where I felt so terrible at myself. What a terrible mother I must be that I can’t potty train my own kid?

How often how we all done this?

We judge ourselves and our worth as a person in a particular role based on other people’s actions. Whether it be at work or at home.

I am a bad mom because my kid [BLANK]

My team didn’t reach X goal, I suck at being a manager.

Another person’s failure or inability to take a particular action is always a reflection on us. I understand and totally fell into that trap this weekend. But then I stopped and thought really about it for a minute.

I am not a bad mom because my son is not using the potty.

Instead, I asked myself:

What can I do as his mom to help him reach this milestone? Is there another technique, motivation, or something else that will help him?

The same can be said in business. If your team or a fellow colleague is not performing, don’t automatically go the self blame game.

Ask yourself the same question: What can I do as this person’s manager or colleague to help him or her achieve the desired goal or performance standard?

It is all about framing the conversation into a more positive discussion.

I challenge you today on this Monday morning to not immediately play the blame game when you see another person’s inaction. Eliminate yourself as a reason that inaction is taking place. Then ask yourself what you can do help that person start acting and start moving in the right direction.

For all the moms out there, I feel you and I am here for you. If you think you would benefit from some one-on-one coaching, schedule a free 30-minute call with me. Also be sure to check out my other blog posts on fun activities you can do with your kids even during COVID.

I would love to know a situation where you had to get yourself out of blame game. Share in the comments below.

Happy Monday!

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