Funny Kids Art Day Showcase

kids art

Kids art is one of a parent’s greatest treasures. I am sure many of you reading this have a box, if not boxes, of arts & crafts made by your kids.

But as we all know too often, the piles of art can become overwhelming. You don’t want to get rid of the memories, but are slowly running out of space.

What do you do?


Every few weeks, I will tell my boys that it is Art Day! Each of them will pick out some of their favorite pieces of art they made recently.

If I am lucky, I can get a few great pictures of them showing off their art. Or I resort to just taking pictures myself.

When you are finished, upload the pictures to Shutterfly or Google Drive or wherever you store you digital pictures. Once you know they are stored, you can discretly recycle the art work.

I know for some of you that may be the hardest part. But don’t fee like you have to dispose of all the artwork. If you have a few favorites, put them in a frame or a shadowbox. Not only will have kept the art work, but it will show your kids how much you appreciated what they made.

Here is a few other samples from our most recent showcase.

To make it even more fun, pretend you are hosting a Kids Art Show. This is also a great activity for a rainy day. Check out my recent blog on this very topic.

Display the kids favorite pieces around your house or a specific room.

Hang up the Kids Art you want to keep in the frames ahead of time. Place some snacks or nuts out in your kitchen.

Even dress up if you want to. Whatever you decide, make it fun.

Our kids love making their parents art and my two boys are no exception. The best way I have found to encourage their love of art is show them my appreciation of their work.

Looking for more ideas for this upcoming summer. Check out my podcast episode on COVID-19 summer activities.

Hopefully you have some great ideas of how you can celebrate the inner artists in your kids and not feel overrun by piles of paper.

Happy Art Day to you and yours! And remember, it benefits mom, it benefits everyone.

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