3 Great Kid Activities for a Rainy Day

Rainy Day eh?

What is weather like by you?

As if the COVID-19 quarantine wasn’t causing enough restless kids,

Now it’s raining!

UGH! What is a Mom to do?

Before throwing in the towel, here are 3 of my favorites for a rain day, plus a BONUS.

1.    Treasure Hunt

This one is great because you can involve the entire family and throw some critical thinking learning in the mix too. Take an item where it be a favorite toy or book and then hide it somewhere in the house. Then take some paper or post it notes. These will be the clues. You don’t have to be clever, but write something age appropriate that will make them think. For example, “Don’t be a chicken, you next clue can be found in the _______.” (Answer is Kitchen.) I recommend 3-5 clue notes depending on the age of your children. This is also a great one because it can be done multiple times in one day.

2.    Campfire Stories

I love this one especially if you are in a situation where the lights are out. Plus, the whole family can join in too. Grab a few flashlights and have everyone put the flashlight under their chin. Have each person tell a scary or silly story. To take up a level, you can also have each person tell one part of the story. Then go around till everyone has a turn or till you want to stop. A great way to pass the time till the lights come on.

3.    Box Art

My two boys love art. I have become very creative in finding many different art projects to do at home. Even on short notice. I call this one box art because you can turn any box (postal, cereal, pasta, etc.) into a canvas for your kids to draw or paint. Take some construction paper and have them draw anything that want. My oldest loves to do stories on multiple sheets. Next step is wrapping those papers around the box. You can secure the paper with tape or glue whatever is available. If you do the story idea, someone can flip the box around to read story step by step.

BONUS TIP: Board games and cards

Even if you have older kids at home, don’t forget about board games and playing cards. I remember my sisters playing CLUE on many a rainy day as teenagers.

Also throw in some quick card games (Blackjack, Crazy Eights, Rummy, or Poker.) No gambling required I promise.


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