Leader Communication Tip: 3 simple small wins you can celebrate with your team

Today’s Communication tip is all above celebrating those small wins.

First off, Congratulations you made it to the weekend.

Time to forget about work, right?

Not quite yet.

If you are a leader or a manager of a team, I bet you can think of some amazing things that happened with your team this week.

Why not tell them? Communication is key right now in the remote work world.

Send a quick email to your team and your colleagues.


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Not sure what to write?

Here are 3 simple small wins to get you started:

  1. Finished a project early
  2. Received a thank you note from a client
  3. Team member went above expectations

Showing your appreciation for your employees and your colleagues, especially when you don’t see them day-to-day is CRITICAL.

Finished a project early

Was there a project that you thought was going to carry over into the next week that was completed? Think about how amazing that feels. All that work is complete. The client has the finished product. Plus, your team can now focus on other projects that may have been pushed back to finish this one. Anytime you can finish a project ahead of schedule, that counts a win. Acknowledge that success with your team.Received a Thank You from a current client

Received a thank you note from a client

Did a client thank your team this week? Did you receive appreciation for your hard work? If so, CONGRATS! That is awesome! Not every client is going to take the time to thank you for helping them. When they do, you need to acknowledge that and share it with your team. This is not just fluff. Any appreciation from a client should not be acknowledge back to the client, but also celebrated with your team.

Team member went above expectations

Were you surprised by a team member or colleague’s performance this week? Did you someone just come out of their shell and shine? Tell them. Acknowledge that person’s efforts to the whole team. One word of caution on this, make sure that this person is comfortable with public acknowledgement. For more tips on finding this out, check out my podcast episode on the 5 appreciation languages in the work place.


BONUS: Acknowledge your team’s overall efforts

Even if you cannot think of something, tell your team THANK YOU. don’t have any huge milestones,

Thank all the hard working parents that are balancing work and taking their kids.

Thank your team for staying consistent with their work despite at home.

Again, this email is all about CELEBRATING and ACKNOWLEDGING.

Showing your appreciation for your employees and your colleagues, especially when you don’t see them day-to-day is CRITICAL.

Today, even on a Saturday, I challenge you to reach out and celebrate the small wins.

You will be surprised at the positive response you will get.

If you need more help with communication in this remote work environment, schedule a FREE 30-minute phone call.

I would love to chat more about how I can help elevate your team.

Thank you for taking time to become a better leader and a better communicator.

Have an amazing weekend!

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