Let your emotions out

It is OK to grieve.

Everything in life goes through cycles.

You can be gaining

You can be losing

And when you lose something or someone that was valuable to you.

It can hurt.

I reading a lot books on emotional intelligence being home during quarantine.

One of the best lessons I have learned is to let your emotions.

Don’t get sucked into the belief that it is some how bad to show emotions.

It is not.

You need to let the emotion out of you and pass through you.

Emotions are healthy!

If you have recently lost something of value to you:

A friend

A relative

A job

A pet

Fill in the blank

Let you body experience that emotion.

When you are done, I then challenege you write at least 10 things you are still grateful for.

I just did this exercise myself and it was powerful.

So please don’t bottle up your emotions no matter what they are.


Always be grateful.

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