Bike Ride Lesson

I just shared a video on Instagram of my two boys riding up the hill

on our block with my youngest bike. And what I said in that post

is what you don’t see, as cute as the video is,

the pre-work that got to the point of the two of them pushing the bike up the hill.

My youngest was so scared. We live on a slanted hill.

The hill can be pretty big especially when you’re four and my oldest kept

telling him don’t be scared.

It’s not scary, you know pretend your superhero.

All these different things.

Eventually, my oldest realized that he needed to do

something else to convince his younger brother to go up the hill.

What he offered was to push him up the hill from behind.

Picture a trek bike with the pedals in the front

and the little back seat.

He pushed his brother all the way up the hill

and that’s what you see in the video.

It reminded me about how many times in your work,

you need to pivot your message or you need to communicate in a different way.

That’s especially true today,

when so many of us are not in our normal work environments.

How you communicate and how you inspire your team

to keep pushing; to keep working towards your goals is so important.

When I thought about that, I wanted to share that with you.

Take a moment today to think:

Am I communicating the best way with my team?

Am I meeting my team where they are today?

And if you’re not, you know,

make the pivot, make the change now.

Your colleagues and your clients will definitely appreciate it because:

Listening is always more important than Talking.

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