Sick of Cereal? 3 Quick and Easy Kid Swaps

Tired of buying sugar cereal that ends up on the floor?

Here are 3 swaps you can make that are easy and healthy.

  1. Oatmeal: This is one a great alternative to cereal. Normally more filling and you can add fruit or other treats. Anyone up for an oatmeal bar.
  2. Fruit & Yogurt: Another bowl friendly option. I normally use almond or coconut milk yogurt for my boys. Also can be fun to mix the fruit in. Another great option here is cottage cheese.
  3. Eggs: This make not be as quick. But if you plan ahead, you can hard boil a bunch of eggs the night before. Then when the kids get up, breakfast is already. Just some deshelling to do.

What are your favorite cereal alternatives for breakfast?

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Have an awesome day!

And remember if it benefits Mom, it benefits everyone.

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