Lessons We Can All Learn from Dr. Seuss

In case, you didn’t know, March 2nd is the day we celebrate Dr. Seuss and his wonderful children’s books. My boys are still young enough where the enjoyment from reading these stories is still strong and proud.

My youngest son is in Preschool and they had Dr. Seuss themed activities this past week. Each day they read a different Dr. Seuss story. When I looked at the list, I noticed many of these lessons work in our adult and professional lives as well.

Monday: One Fish Two Fish

This story has many silly rhymes in it which makes it a perfect Dr. Seuss book. My favorite part of the book is the end where Dr. Seuss writes “funny things are everywhere.” Those words are a great reminder to experience life. Take time to laugh and play each day. You are sure to find something funny to laugh it. 

Tuesday: The Cat in the Hat

One of his most popular books that eventually was turned into a Mike Meyers movie. The big lesson in this book for me is to embrace the unexpected. When things do not go as planned, the best thing to do is refocus and move forward. It may lead to a result that you never would have come to.

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday

This is one I must admit I was not familiar with until I read it this week. For me, I connected with the little girl’s frustration of seeing all these wacky things happening and no one believing her. It reminded me to always stick to my guns when I see something that is off. Your own opinion is valid and you should express despite what anyone else thinks or says.

Thursday: Green Eggs and Ham

My personal favorite! This book has so many memories come from this book. Of course, the biggest lesson of this book is the old saying “don’t knock it till you try it.” Definitely a line I use with my boys for trying new foods. You never know if something is going work or if it will taste good. You may be successful, or you may fail. But at least you tried.

Friday: Fox in Socks

My preschooler loves this book for all its “silly words.” This is a tongue twister book and I think one of the hardest ones to read. But the morale of the story is to always be listening to what the other person is trying to tell you. The Fox never listened to what Mr. Knox actually wanted to do or talk about it. Listening to audience is so important when speaking or even just in everyday conversations. 

Bonus Book: Oh the Places You’ll Go

Surprisingly this book was not on the list at Preschool. However, one of my colleagues on LinkedIn mentioned it was her favorite book. For me, the message in this book sums up everything I shared with you.

Seek new opportunities. Keep an open mind. Try new things. Life is such a wonderful adventure. Enjoy the ride!

I encourage to take the time to a read Dr. Seuss book in honor of the man himself this month. It can be your favorite or one you never read before.

I’d love if you share with me what lesson you learned from reading it now as an adult.

I cannot wait to hear what Dr. Seuss words inspire and change in you.

Have a fantastic day!