Keep Everyone Busy

With everyone moving to remote work, how can you keep those who can’t work from home busy and working?

Here are 3 ways you can keep work flowing and set yourself apart from your competitors when the dust settles.

1) Set up twinning

This is when your office phone rings a person’s cell phone directly instead going to your company’s voicemail, presuming your office is currently closed. Not only will you keep front desk staff busy, but you ensure you will not miss out on important client leads or questions.

2) Start cross-training

Pick one or two employees and teach them how to do a routine task that is normally done by only one person or by a manager. Once learned, you will multiple people available to complete the task and instead focus on your special projects and day-to-day changes in your work space.

3) Invest in professional development

Encourage your employees to take this time out of the regular routine to work on a skill that needs improvement or become more efficient in an area they excel in. Even better, encourage them to learn new skills that will help them advance in your company.

I’d love your feedback on these suggestions. Share what you are doing to stay ahead of the game during this time.