Tara Nichol, the Benefits Mom, with her two boys ready for some American Football.

I believe that moms should have a balance between work and life.  A mom should never feel like they have to make a choice between their successful career and their loving family.

I help moms achieve that balance by showing her how to better prioritize, when to say No, and why it is so important to always put her needs first.

I can do this because I am a certified life coach for working moms!

Welcome to your next step towards balance. I am Tara Nichol, the Benefits Mom. I help you create your ideal work-life balance you can be more productive at work, spend more time with family, and always put yourself first.

Just like you, I am Mom. Juggling multiple responsibilities and not always knowing how to get it all done. You have your job, kids, partner, friends, family, and that dreaded “C” word CHORES!

At the moment when you feel like you it is too much, that is where I come in! My goal is to help you develop a plan to bring you from the chaos of your current lifestyle to one of more calmness and control.

When you move from chaos to calm, you are a woman on a mission. You become more productive with the tasks of the day. This allows you more time with your family and more time for self-care on yourself. And this last part is the utlimate goal.

Because, If It Benefits Mom, It Benefits Everyone.

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